Louisville, KY – While seemingly the whole world continue to be enthralled with the so-called “justice” movement in the case of Trayvon Martin, one thing is becoming even more clear than ever. Mainstream media has a double standard that perpetuates the myth of every crime against an African-American is a hate crime.

What else can be said?

While MSM have been fanatics at putting out half-truths and outright lies in the case of Trayvon, perpetuating the myth that his was a hate crime, we now have yet another case where we have a fatal shooting and MSM has been largely silent.

Take a look at this story brought out on April 2, 2012.

About 7:30 p.m., a 22-year-old man and his girlfriend ordered food at the Taco Bell drive-thru and were told to pull up while their order was prepared.

At the same time, 29-year-old Daniel Adkins stepped around a corner into the path of the vehicle and angry words were exchanged between he and the driver.

They got into an altercation and Adkins was shot once by the driver. He died at the scene.

The driver, a 22-year-old black male, called police but has not been arrested.

Where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson at? Where is the National outrage? Where are the Louisvillians marching at in his memory?

A disabled white man gets killed by a black man where is the cry for justice?

Self defense?

At first, the couple claimed that Adkins had a metal pipe that he swung at them — but it turns out he was holding a dog leash with his yellow lab on the other end.

A dog leash is now a lethal weapon?

The dog, Lady, stayed by Adkins’ side until the Humane Society came. Adkins lived with his mom and dad. He’s 29, but his family says he’s mentally disabled and has the mental capacity of a 12-year-old. He didn’t drive, and walked wherever he went.

“He needs to be behind bars. I’ll never see my brother again,” says sister Marina Reyes. “If he felt that my brother was threatening him, he could have easily just rolled up the window and called the cops.”

A metal pipe or bat was never located. An independent witness did say Adkins swung his fists in the driver’s direction.

“He swung his fist towards the driver window, and at some point the driver shot him,” says Phoenix Police Sgt. Tommy Thompson. “Just because we don’t book a person immediately does not mean we don’t charge a person at a later date.”

Is this the case with Trayvon Martin?

Perhaps charges coming later?

If so, can we expect the same in Adkins killing as well?

Probably not and that is the sad reality. A black on white crime does not constitute equality in the racial divide that mainstream continues to pursue in its efforts to divide us.

I’ll be honest, I have more problems trying to understand the shooting of an unarmed disabled man, regardless of color, than I do two guys who set themselves up for what happened in the case of Trayvon.

Notice we even have the distinction of knowing the names of the Trayvon shooter, George Zimmerman, and yet the black shooter of Adkins remains nameless in the few stories that are out there. Why is that?

Is news now deciding who should be outed and who shouldn’t?

Here we have a distinction between someone who was capable of making better choices such as Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, and someone who did not as in this case involving Adkins.

Why is mainstream not covering this story? Why are they not calling out the hypocrisies of the vultures in Sharpton and Jackson?

Because they cannot sell racism as readily to the black community by admitting they were wrong to force feed conclusions without factual evidence to back it up.

Where is President Obama and his words of condolescence?

Is President Obama and mainstream telling us that a white on black killing is worth more than a black on white killing is? Or in the Trayvon Martin case, a hispanic on black killing. Will many now think that this is evidence of President Obama being racist as some already believe?

A lost life is a lost life folks regardless of skin color. A family mourns and someone is gone forever. Have we lost the will to preserve human life over our own selfish wants? Are our own egos about “respect” so fragile that we place no value on human life?

Respect is earned not given, how much respect can anyone have for the shooter in either situation?

Mainstream’s own ego is the problem here. Who would dare challenge them and their credentials regardless of their blatant and intentional lying on the Trayvon Martin case. Right NBC?

It leaves us with some serious questions about mainstream and their willingness to work with slime like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who continue to fuel the fire of racism for their own fame, fortune, and self-importance.

Can anyone name anything positive that has ever come about because of these two racists? How about racism in general?

It also leaves us with yet another question.

Was this shooting avoidable had it not been for the efforts of mainstream to perpetuate a race war, whether knowing or unknowingly, without having the facts to back it up?

With all the coverage of the Trayvon Martin case, and mainstream’s loathing complicity in trying to make it about race, did this aid in the irrational thinking of the black shooter that it was ok to kill Adkins?

Is the goal to keep racial tensions alive or report the news equally and fairly?

Do white and black alike now have the mindset of shoot first at every turn rather than use logic and common sense in tense situations?

Where does it end?

It’s time for everyone to take a step back and take a deep breath. Boycott mainstream news and let them know why.

Tell them their clear bias at dividing us instead of aiding us with accurate, fair, and equal news coverage is the reason.

We cannot continue to be divided over the antics of an out of control and unaccountable media.

We certainly cannot continue to lose lives due to the racists, small-minded, selfish individuals who allow this kind of rationalization to permeate our daily lives.

I’ve had enough. Have you?

Stand up, stand tall, and say no more America…….