During the Christmas season a little thing went by unnoticed by most. i was the one who outed the story and continued it throughout the case. The story? Whistleblower Eric Garrett is vindicated.
How so? The City, we the taxpayer, just paid Garrett $315,000 for a settlement to end the case in late December.

This really was a no brainer and you can follow the case yourself through this link. The disturbing part of all this is the fact that nothing has been done to Betty Younis or Ted Pullen, the Director of Public Works. In fact I can find no mention of even something as simple as a disciplinary letter to both for their poor handling of this case.

This case was preventable by applying the simplest rules of dealing with employees, yet Younis decided to make this a personal grudge match against an upstanding employee such as Garrett. Why did she choose to do this?

Perhaps because in January 2010, Garrett complained about management’s treatment of another maintenance worker still under probation, who was Betty Younis’ assistant’s son, whom Younis hired. This worker was allowed more rope than anyone could imagine.

Management was informed of such conduct that included disabling his portable radio so that he could slip away from work early, riding his girlfriend around downtown in Metro vehicles which he did not have to sign out for his own use, releasing tear gas on other workers, reporting an imaginary boa constrictor in the Hall of Justice parking garage (Younis hired an exterminator to investigate and set traps and paid overtime for Metro workers thus costing the taxpayers unnecessary money), as well as threatening violence against Eric Garrett himself (signed statements by two maintenance workers reporting this threat were provided to Betty Younis).

It really is no surprise when you look at the history of Younis and her boss Ted Pullen.

All the players involved have baggage and ties to the former Mayor Jerry Abramson machine and his political appointees and that folks is/was the problem.

Let’s look at those involved.

Betty Younis was promoted by and works for Ted Pullen who were together at some point working at the Louisville International Airport. Ms. Younis is also good friends with Ted Pullen’s wife Susan Neumayer.

Younis herself received $1.15 Million from her own whistleblower lawsuit against the Louisville Airport Authority. That adds an interesting twist eh? Especially since the rumored witness who testified on behalf of Younis is none other than TED PULLEN who testified/provided the info supporting Younis’ case and aided in the settlement.

Susan Neumayer was appointed by Abramson to work with Rick Johnstone to handle about $450 million in ARRA stimulus money. Susan Neumayer used to run Public Works and had influence in the hiring of her husband Ted, who became the Director of Public Works.

Former Deputy Mayor Rick Johnstone is the father of Jennifer Maupin, a legal administrative liaison at the Department of Human Resources. Why would Johnstone’s name be mentioned? Everyone knows Rick Johnstone’s history with Abramson. This is the link that ties the Abramson regime together in this.

On 2-11-2010 Mr. Garrett filed an Ethics complaint against Betty Younis and Ted Pullen.

Garrett also specifically named these two in the June 7th lawsuit that alleged they were engaging in gross financial mismanagement in the Department of Public works. Who was the only employee listed to speak with the psych about Mr. Garrett’s work history and attitude during the evaluation?

None other than Betty Younis.

Who was in charge of this investigation? Johnstone’s daughter Jennifer Maupin.

Ted Pullen? Not only is he Director of Public Works, hired because he is the husband of former politically connected Director Susan NeuMayer, he also has problems of his own to answer for.
Ted Pullen is a VP with the Corradino Group in Louisville. Corradino of course has received well over $2 million since 2008. Want the proof?


Supplier Diversity for Prime Contractors
Floyds Fork / North County Watershed Area
The Corradino Group
200 S. Fifth St., Suite 300N
Louisville, KY 40202
voice: 502/587-7221
fax: 502/587-2636
M/WBE Contact: Ted Pullen
email: tpullen@corradino.com

Corradino does public works engineering that includes water and drainage issues. Of course that would also include not only the Department of Public Works but MSD as well. We have written enough about MSD and researched enough to write a book on the problems there.

Corradino received $101,817.96 in 2008 from our taxes. In 2009 they received a mere $64,881.04. Then they finally got what they wanted because that amount went up drastically in 2010 to a whopping $1,639,421.31!

As of March 2011 they had received $603,187.44.

All with the Department of Public Works Director, AND Corradino employee Ted Pullen, ok’ing it.

Fischer says he wants transparency and ethics in government now is the time to really prove it by ridding us of Younis and Pullen. As of March 2011 Fischer of course had started an investigation but how effective can that be? His choice to do the review?

Dave Vogel from the Louisville Water Company. The fox is guarding the hen house folks and if Fischer does not correct these atrocities he is aiding and abetting. Another mayoral appointee. Just one more reason we need outsiders like the feds to come in here.

Another atrocity by Younis?

Betty Younis unilaterally authorized $4,500 a week of taxpayer money for “personal protection” because Eric Garrett put her in the center of a Whistle blower lawsuit. The contract was cancelled after Eric was reinstated and his name cleared in the middle of October (08-06-10 to about 10-10-10; so about $40,000.00 paid for younis’ private security detail). Ms. Younis was paying $4500 a week for off duty police officers through a security firm to provide personal security in front of her office. Their instructions?

To watch for Eric Garrett.

They were given a picture of Mr. Garrett and told to watch for him specifically. That was their job. Several officers at once, paid $25 per hour to be on the lookout for a person who filed a whistleblower lawsuit against her Department. For roughly 10 weeks.

Our cost? Approximately $40,000 – $45,000 of our tax payer dollars for a personal security detail.

All with approval by Director of Public Works Ted Pullen.

Was this a unique request and expenditure? Yes it was. Never had this been done before or since. Upon Garrett winning his case, and being reinstated with full back pay, the security detail was disbanded a short time later.

As many of you know I have followed this case for some time and I firmly believed Mr. Garrett was right. Whistleblower laws were designed to protect employees from repercussions for challenging the wrongs in Government or any other business. Unfortunately, our own Government gestapo, in this case and many others they are acting as a gestapo in my opinion, continually ignores this in favor of trying to keep the problems secretive.

And who pays for their callousness? We the taxpayer. In this case it was $315,000 but how much more have we paid to “hush” things up with our tax money? How much more will we pay now that Garrett has won and hopefully empowered some who were too scared to come forward with stories like his?

Time will tell.

It is now time for Mayor Fischer to put his money where his mouth is and overhaul the Department of Public Works. Ted Pullen, Betty Younis, and Jennifer Maupin need to go. It may prove instrumental to search into the possibility of Rick Johnstone maybe working with his daughter in tis atrocity as well.
Either way Garret was vindicated and the whistleblower laws proved useful.

Hey Metro employees bring me more. I like holding the faux leaders accountable……..