Louisville, KY – Think voter ID is a bad idea? Think again. We continue to get more and more proof of just how easy it is to steal an election because we don’t require it. Eric Holder says prove it. This does. See just how easy it is to steal an identity for voting purposes.  {Voter fraud}

Wonder why we are so broke? Then you will want to check this story out. It is estimated that Government jobs account for 1 out of every 6 workers. {Tax guzzlers}

Trayvon Martin lies and deceptions. We have been covering this story quite a bit on the Ed Springston Show and you should listen in. NBC should be avoided at all costs if anyone cared enough to actually boycott them now is the time. {Lies}

Special Prosecutor to decide Zimmerman’s fate according to this. {More on Trayvon}

New Black Panther Party a hate group and their leadership should be in jail. Not there that hasn’t been all kinds of questions surrounding this alarming violent sect to date. President Obama protected them during the 2008 elections though they were clearly using voter intimidation tactics to suppress the white vote. Obama of course marched with them during 2007 while running for President. And of course Obama has not denounced their announcement of a $10,000 bounty for the “capture” of George Zimmerman the shooter of Trayvon Martin.

Why won’t Eric Holder let Kevin O’Reilly testify in the fast and furious proceedings. O’Reilly, a former staffer on the Obama National Security Team, had access to key emails and personnel who may be able to link the Fast and Furious debacle directly to high-ranking figures within the Obama  White House. What are they hiding? Plenty in many opinions. {More lies and deception}

What do the Clinton’s have to hide? There are many questions now being raised about suspicious deaths during the 2008 Democratic Presidential primary thanks to a story coming out from WND that claims the Clinton’s new of Obama’s ineligibility and their good friend Bill Gwatney was killed to shut them up. You need to read the story. WHy has there never been a true vetting of Obama? {WND}