J-Law wins award, MSD, and more!

Louisville, KY – Louisville’s own Jennifer Lawrence, affectionately known as J-Law, won Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role for Silver Linings Playbook, at the Screen Actor’s Guild awards. The Hunger Games star did not go without controversy though as there appeared to be a wardrobe malfunction that is now the talk of the town. Way to go J-Law congrats!

MSD will soon be the focus of yet another investigation this time regarding alleged wrongful terminations. Stay tuned for that one but in the meantime Greg Heitzman has just had his pay elevated to a whopping $252,000 annual salary with plenty of bonuses and incentives thrown in. Anyone care to explain this one?

Expanded gambling is not expected to be included in this year’s short session according to Governor Steve Beshear. Of course the issue now is the horse racing industry’s continued quest for greed and control.

Gun control anyone? Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the US and yet they continue to be plagued with gun violence. Five people were murdered Saturday night in Chicago and this mother is a sad testament to the state of violence in Chicago itself. President Obama and his cronies would do better to leave the law-abiding gun owners alone and fix the problems that create the criminals instead. Remember criminals don’t care about laws.

New Commonwealth’s Attorney Tom Wine is making his own decisions and changing how we perceive the office. With his new stance on death penalty cases, Wine is distancing himself from the policies of old under former Commonwealth’s attorney Dave Stengel. Agree or disagree with Wine’s new direction one thing is clear. He isn’t afraid to take a stand and that bodes well for our future.

Maybe now the office will begin to gain credibility and respect that it lacked under Stengel. Time will tell.

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