Is LMPD out of control?

Louisville, KY – It is a question that needs to be asked and answered. Is LMPD out of control? Last week former U of L basketball player Jason Osborne was arrested based on an altercation that began at 4th Street live. Instead of focusing on LMPD’s actions in this case, the media decided to raise the question of racism at 4th Street live itself.

Since the hiring of former LMPD Police Chief White at the onset of merger the entire LMPD has been run aground seemingly. Many people face arrest daily for doing absolutely nothing and the LMPD officers in many cases are on such a power trip that the cases like Jason Osborne are running rampant in Louisville today.

You get arrested for simply asking a question of LMPD these days such as, ‘Sir, can I please have your name?”

Yes it is that bad it is not an exaggeration. Do they have time to fight real crime? Of course but some would rather hide behind buildings and chat rather than patrol.

Police cars hiding

In defense of Chief Conrad, he simply has not had enough time to make any meaningful changes. Considering he is stuck with former Chief White’s cronies in Yvette Gentry and Kenton Buckner there can be no major positive changes in the near future.

Ask Mayor Fischer why Chief Conrad can’t rid himself of these Robert White lackeys that have destroyed LMPD and created a hostile environment between police and Louisvillians.

In the meantime the arrest of Osborne raises many questions.

As reported by WFPL, Several African-American lawmakers are concerned about a potential “pattern of discrimination” at Fourth Street Live after a former Louisville Cardinals basketball star was arrested at the entertainment district.

Where have they been?

Many in our community have been begging for help regarding a staggering amount of claims of racism by 4th Street Live for years. We have done many stories ourselves outlining the problems Cordish has created regarding racism across the country at every one of their locations.

This isn’t a new phenomenon nor has it ever been looked at before by any Democratic leader.

What is alarming is no one has really questioned LMPD’s involvement in enforcing this behavior. Jason Osborne is just one other example in the greater problem.

Osborne however has much in common with many Louisvillians, both black and white, in our community of being victimized by over aggressive LMPD officers. In this he is not alone nor is race a factor.

Miraculously, however, the local media is helping to perpetuate the ‘race problem’ by focusing on 4th Street live instead of the problems with our own LMPD and they handle situations everyday.

Equally amusing is just how they chose to go down this road by involving our black Metro Council and state leaders.

Need proof?

At Osborne’s arraignment on Wednesday practically all African-American and Democratic leaders were present. They included Metro Council members David Tandy, Barbara Shanklin, Cheri Bryant Hamilton and David James, plus state Reps. Darryl Owens and Reginald Meeks.

Shanklin of course has her own legal problems and is facing impeachment from the Council. Tandy of course has been hiding information on Cordish for years.

Why were they there in the first place for a simple arraignment?

Why are they not there for every other arraignment that involves African-American 4th Street live arrests. Why do they not support the rest of the black community if they feel so strongly about this situation?

Why do they ignore the rest of the community who are arrested and facing a simple arraignment, white or black?

Is it because Jason Osborne is a former U of L player and U of L is in the news based on their NCAA Tournament Championship? Maybe because Osborne’s attorney is Derwin Webb ye another familiar name to Louisvillians from Louisville basketball?

Maybe they needed an easy photo-op?

For me it proves once again that the only time any of our elected leaders care is when it involves a known name. Forget the rest of us.

Never mind all the regular folks like us that suffer through these injustices every day.

When we discuss the racist actions alluded to in this case then what message was just sent to the community by black leadership?

It is a chilling message to all of Louisville.

For the black community it says we don’t care unless you are a known entity. To the white community it says we don’t care unless you are black. With that in mind who just perpetuated racism in Louisville?

Democratic leadership did.

It was one more way to force a divide that does not need to be there. It was a blatant and intentional message to all of us that we cannot ‘rise’ above because of one more example of failed leadership.

But since they want to make this about 4th Street live then we must ask why the media has focused on interviewing the wrong David.

Councilman David James is the current Democratic Majority Caucus chair and normally I would agree he should be the spokesman but in this case there is a twist.

Councilman David Tandy, who has been involved with Cordish from the beginning, has been one of the single most leaders preventing us from holding them accountable, should have been questioned and wasn’t. Since he was there before James ever got elected, and he chose to actually go to Cordish in an official capacity, and had the audacity to sign a nondisclosure agreement so we could not gain accountability, why was he not asked about the problems at 4th Street Live that he helped create?

That makes too much sense doesn’t it.

And that’s the problem.

I don’t know all the details about the arrest of Jason Osborne admittedly. For me it doesn’t really matter at this point.

The reality is that many people are falsely arrested and accused by LMPD on a regular basis because of some attempt to control each of us. The abuse at 4th Street Live has been well-known and documented by many alternative news sites in Louisville so there can be no doubt that this problem has been a known entity and ignored.

LMPD however has been systemically protected from scrutiny and their own abuse of we the people. This creates a system of fear and inequality between all of us. We must begin to realize that the arrest of Jason Osborne was just one more in a typical day and quit focusing on him alone because he is a known name.

A heavy hand is the norm at LMPD these days in many cases, not all, and this mindset continues because we refuse to stand up against it. LMPD has become the defacto enforcement arm for private business at 4th Street Live because leadership would rather exclude us than include us.

We must begin to focus on the underlying problems that led to his arrest. That problem has no single victim. That problem is color blind.

Thomas Jefferson once said, When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

We should never live in fear of our government, or by proxy our government-funded police force. It is past time to get back to liberty and work ourselves out of this tyrannical regime in Louisville we have been force fed for decades so a few could profit.

Louisville Politics will lead the way.

We are asking for anyone who has been intimidated, harassed, falsely arrested or accused, or threatened in any way by law enforcement in Louisville to write us at or call us at (502)742-8519 with your story.

Any problems being treated fairly by the County attorney’s office? We want to know that too.

One word of advice to those of you in this situation. NEVER agree to dismiss stipulating to probable cause. They use that for the uninformed to keep them from being accountable.

It is time to take back our City from those that corrupt it. You can be a part of that.

Additionally, we are asking for you to join us on twitter. If you take pictures of questionable behavior by officers post them on our twitter feed with #louisvillecorruption.

We are doing our part it is now up to you.

Let’s work together regardless of race and fix what ails us in our community.