Insight, Kentucky Kingdom, and more

Louisville, KY – For many across Louisville we have been waiting to see how the Time Warner buyout of Insight communications would fare. Let’s hope yesterday was an anomaly. Louisvillians experienced a major blackout in internet connections yesterday. We were not exempt either. You may have noticed Dale Gillespie hosted my radio show last night and you can listen to it in its entirety here.

Meanwhile, there are more details coming to light about the latest Ed Hart proposal to get Kentucky Kingdom up and running. Hart is promising to invest $50 million up front and $120 million over 30 years in a proposed lease agreement with the State.

Hart’s partners are businessman Bruce Lunsford, lawyer Ed Glasscock, and Mary Moseley, head of the Al J. Schneider Co., which owns the Galt House, the Crowne Plaza across Phillips Lane from the park and other hotel and office properties.

This group knows what Louisville needs and how to get there. Hart said the details of his proposal are subject to negotiations with state officials. He said he has proposed a 30-year lease, but noted that the state recently offered the operators of Holiday World a 50-year lease.

Hart you may recall owned the Kingdom until selling to Six Flags who ultimately abandoned the property.

Of course Hart deserves the chance to re open the Kingdom but will probably get screwed again in his effort.

Contact Governor Beshear and Lt. Governor Abramson today and tell them to make it happen. Hart has proven it could be a success before and this decision is a no brainer.

Speaking of Lt. Gov Abramson. Abramson as everyone knows is chairing the tax reform commission instituted by Governor Steve Beshear. Does anyone actually think this is a serious effort?

There is currently a list of 95 different proposals they need to narrow down on a commission of 17 members.

Needless to say this effort si a typical whitewash we have come to expect. Take a look at this from the CJ:

Abramson said, he will ask which members can support the remaining proposals, and those getting at least a majority of nine votes of support will be included in the final report.

“I’m going to focus the group toward making broad-brush decisions — this is an area where there should be an increase, this is an area where there should be a decrease, this is an area where we should change the way businesses are taxed,” Abramson said. “And if we can give those to the governor, when he sits down with Senate and House leadership it gives them the ability to flesh-out the specifics.”

Commission member Jason Bailey , director of the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, in Berea. “A list of options is not as strong as crafting an entire package that hangs together.”

We agree Jason. This is one more example of how bad Abramson leadership really is.

Thinking this legislature has the will to work together to craft a plan based on a ton of options defies logic in Kentucky.

Rep. Bill Farmer, a Lexington Republican and one of six legislators serving as non-voting members of the commission, said, “If we just do a thumbs up or thumbs down on each of the 90-plus suggestions …we could end up with some goofy stuff.”

Abramson said another meeting could be added if necessary. “We’ll just have to see how the discussion goes,” he said.

We in Louisville know that is what Abramson is good at. Having wasted meetings and no substance.

Don’t hold your breath for anything meaningful in this upcoming session folks……