Education in Louisville? Fuggedaboutit

Louisville, KY – Education in Louisville? Fuggedaboutit. That’s basically what we have come to expect with JCPS in its current form. The Jefferson County School Board once again is defending failing schools at JCPS. For three years now Kentucky has been adding millions to our schools to address the 18 failing schools in the JCPS system. What has been accomplished?

Absolutely nothing.

The Kentucky Department of Education said that 16 of the 18 that underwent overhauls in the past three years because of chronically poor academics showed little or no progress, even though they received millions of dollars to boost student achievement.

Nor is the school board itself able to do anything to fix the problem.

It is time to face reality. Our system of education is clearly broken. We have a school board that is primarily elected based on the JCTA and their self-serving interests. We do not have anyone willing to face the reality that Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday was right when he referred to our failing system as “academic genocide” and warned that the state may be forced to intercede.

Superintendent Donna Hargens told school board members. “We believe we give students an opportunity and a chance, and we work every day to give students life.”

Ms. Hargens I would prefer that you spend every day and every second giving our kids education. That is your job and one that neither you nor your predecessors have found a way to accomplish.

What is the one common element that is preventing our schools from improving? It certainly can’t be blamed on the Superintendent as we have had 3 in recent years and none have been able to improve it.

The blame lies with the school board itself and the JCTA who have clearly shown no inclination to improve education but have certainly improved themselves. We continue to throw money down the rabbit hole with no results. If this were a private business they would be out of business. It is that simple.

It is time to disband the school board permanently.

JCPS should be revamped and overseen by the Mayor and the Superintendent. We no longer need an outdated school board ripe with cronies and others who bring nothing to the table other than protectionism of the JCTA.

We also need to revisit the neighborhood schools issue. At a cost of millions, for the busing plan that accomplishes nothing in educating our kids, we will free up money to address the issue that will always be presented about being underfunded even though the evidence shows that to be fictitious.

It would also free up money to help provide transportation for the poor who cannot attend school functions such as parent teacher conferences etc.

Terry Holliday told The Courier-Journal that the problem was community wide. “This is about poverty, this is about kids who are not coming to school, this is about lack of parental engagement and, frankly, it’s academic genocide,” he said. “What hope do these children have?”

Holliday is right, with JCPS what hope do our children have indeed….