Did the sequester nullify soldier obligations?

Louisville, KY –  Did the sequester nullify soldier obligations? Many want to know. With the recent announcement by the armed services that they will stop education benefits it would appear that the US government has violated a contractual obligation to its soldiers and therefore nullifies the obligation of service members to continue to serve.

Military educationAccording to NGAUS, funding for tuition assistance has been stopped by the Army, Air Force and Marines as the services try to get a handle on spending in light of sweeping federal budget cuts.

For many this defeats the purpose of just why they chose to enlist in the first place. A large percentage of enlisted join the military, not to fight foreign wars, but as a way to obtain education that will benefit them in civilian life when their enlistment is done.

As a veteran I know this firsthand from many conversations with fellow soldiers when I was active. For most a chance to get away from the poor, crime infested neighborhoods they come from, the military offered a chance to better themselves. In exchange for low wages and a commitment, the recruiters offered education benefits in exchange.

Now that has changed.

When a young person enlists for a promise and that promise is voided, do they still have the obligation to serve?

Think about this for a moment.

If you agreed to do some work for me in exchange for wages and benefits, we sign a contract guaranteeing those promises, and I decided to not pay for those benefits as agreed, who broke the contract?

What are your options?

You can walk away or sue for breach of contract.

While many know you basically give up freedom and liberty when you enlist in the US Armed forces many do not realize that this is a contractual agreement.

When you sign that contract you do so knowing what your obligations are and what Uncle Sam’s are.

Since the President and his cabinet have broken that contract, are you required to honor the contract by continuing to serve?

It is a question that some are starting to ask.

Gone are the days where you blindly followed because you are told to. We are continually in a perpetual state of war today and the costs are high in loss of life, dismemberment, disfiguration, and the list goes on.

While we continue with the entitlement mentality costing us billions each year,we are failing to honor the simplest of obligations to those who actually deserve it.

Our military men and women who put their lives on the line each and everyday for low pay in the hopes of making a better life in the future.

Can anyone see a problem with this?

I can and the US needs to do the right thing and quit screwing our military personnel active, reserve, and retired.

Quit screwing the vets and give them what you promised. They give it all for us.