Louisville, KY – Much is going on this week with Derby events etc. Some of the latest stories from the week are below. Alarmingly MSM continues to avoid the truth in many cases.

Last night’s Ed Springston Radio Show focused on several avenues including stand your ground laws, MSM creating racial tensions, illegal immigrants falsely claim $4.2 billion in illegal tax refunds, and Ron Paul gaining delegates. {MVM}

Need proof of illegal tax refunds? Check this out.

MSM still ignores equal race coverage. Why was the story of Daniel Adkins never covered and why is this being ignored?

Former democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards trial underway. Does anyone care? Read here for more.

KY Derby filed is now set. The field looks wide open I’m personally looking at longshots.

Drumanard estate sale completed and of course we pay more than the appraisal. Whose pocket got padded on this one?

Kentucky Humane Society cuts ties with Dismas thanks to this incident. What’s really disturbing is this is just one aspect of the real problems at KHS. While this may be an isolated incident, there are problems with the KHS adoptions themselves and animals suffer.

Kentucky courts closing for 3 days thanks to budget cuts. Doesn’t it seem like if we continue to talk about backlog in the courts this should have been prevented?

Think elections don’t matter in Kentucky? Think again. Ky’s 19th District State Senate race is heating up and you may be interested to know about at least one candidate and why many of us question their integrity. With all the problems with illegal foreclosures in KY this race could be interesting and this is why.