David Whitlock and his cronies are still at it folks

Louisville, KY – David Whitlock and his cronies are still at it folks. You may recall Louisville’s own felony Constable David Whitlock from our previous stories at our sister site. You can visit here for all our stories on Whitlock.

It seems Whitlock’s favorite co criminals are still trying to impersonate real police officers based on our latest information. According to sources Michael Stephens (remember he likes to shoot people at close range for fun, WARNING: ACCOMPANYING VIDEO IS GRAPHIC), is now the front man for the latest endeavor by these wannabe cops.

Image Upload: Re: Constable's Office Police Impersonator

Their latest venture is a supposed security firm called SECURUS. You can visit their site here until they take it down too like they do ever other one when they get caught.

And who really owns SECURUS? Look at this for that answer:


Organization Number     0841686
Name                             SECURUS, LLC
Profit or Non-Profit         P – Profit Company
Type                              KLC – Kentucky Limited Liability Company
Status                           A – Active
Standing                       G – Good
State                             KY
File Date                       10/31/2012 8:40:24 AM
Organization Date        10/31/2012 8:40:24 AM
Last Annual Report       N/A
Principal Office              4919 Dixie Highway
Suite E
Louisville, KY 40216
Managed                      By Members
Registered Agent         David Whitlock
4919 Dixie Highway
Suite E
Louisville, KY 40216
Organizer                    David Whitlock
Organizer                    Michael S Stephens
Articles of Organization 10/31/2012 2:25:56 PM

Miraculously they are still advertising themselves as using real off duty cops for security yet I can find no real cop that will admit to doing any work for them.

What is more likely is they are continuing to hide behind the ruse that as Constables they actually are real cops. They are advertising for CCDW classes yet no one has called them out for their previous failed unsafe efforts at these classes.

No legitimate CCDW uses loaded weapons in a classroom environment, yet these clowns do and jeopardized the lives of many in their former office when a stray shot went through a wall into a packed Licensing office next door.

We also can’t ignore Whitlock’s present and past acquaintances involved in this pathetic attempt at playing cop.

So who are they?

Let’s start with the face, but certainly not the leader of this new SECURUS.

Michael Stephens… A wannabe cop and Police Impersonator, and washed out fire fighter. He was running around in a fully equipped Crown Vic with a gun and badge, sources say he still is.His car was paid for by Whitlock and he was thought to be involved in the felony theft that Brent Choate was convicted for.

Stephens also disappeared from his home and the face of the earth when Whitlock got in his latest round of trouble only to resurface now with this company. Rumor has it he was lying low in Whitlock’s basement until the heat died down. Rumor also has it that Whitlock is really behind this new company which could violate the latest terms on his most recent diversion deal.

Brent Choate… Convicted felon, and was under wraps but is coming out of cover now.

Cody Whitaker… Supposedly ‘pulled from the streets’ by Whitlock and Stephens. Has carried a gun illegally since he was a minor, also given a badge and gun bu Whitlock and Stephens and allowed to impersonate a cop while a minor.

Frank Medeiros: Works at Off Duty Police Services and did give jobs to Whitlock and his crew. Unconfirmed if he is part of SECURUS or sends work their way today. This guy has issues himself and loves to act like he’s a cop while harassing people while doing traffic or security jobs.

Terry Gaddis…Who loves impersonating as well.

Bottom line is that it appears Whitlock, or at the very least his felonious co conspirators, are still trying to remain active in acting like police officers.

One can only hope that anyone who would even think about hiring these clowns would certainly due their due diligence in finding out exactly who and what they are.

This will get worse going forward if history is any indication so stay tuned…..