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How to Vote in Kentucky

When and Where to Vote

Voting in Kentucky since the 1700s

Voting in Kentucky since the 1700s

Polls in Kentucky are open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Click here to find your polling place. And remember, as long as you’re in line before the polls close, you have the right to cast your ballot.

What to Bring

In Kentucky, you may be required to show identification and/or proof of residence to cast your ballot. For a full list of acceptable forms of ID in Kentucky, click here, and when you get to the page, click “What to Bring.”

If Something Goes Wrong

Chances are, you won’t have any problems voting, but just in case you do, it’s important you are prepared. If your state has voter rolls and you’re not listed, the first thing to do is to make sure you’re at the right polling place. After you confirm that you are, you should demand a provisional ballot. Remember, your vote is your voice, and if you are an eligible, registered voter, you have the right to vote, whether or not a poll worker finds your name on the list or a political operative challenges your eligibility at the polls.
If you need legal help, you can call 1-866-OUR-VOTE toll-free. Report long lines or voting problems at or via Twitter with hashtag #OVLReport. If possible, use your phone to video the situation or interview the person affected and submit the video to, or post it to YouTube or Twitter tagged with #VideoTheVote.
If you’re voting on an electronic machine with a paper record, verify that the record is accurate.

Presidential Elections in Perspective

By George Friedman | Oct. 30, 2012

The U.S. presidential election will be held a week from today, and if the polls are correct, the outcome will be extraordinarily close. Many say that the country has never been as deeply divided. In discussing the debates last week, I noted how this year’s campaign is far from the most bitter and vitriolic. It might therefore be useful also to consider that while the electorate at the moment appears evenly and deeply divided, unlike what many say, that does not reveal deep divisions in our society — unless our society has always been deeply divided.

Since 1820, the last year an uncontested election was held, most presidential elections have been extremely close. Lyndon B. Johnson received the largest percentage of votes any president has ever had in 1964, taking 61.5 percent of the vote. Three other presidents broke the 60 percent mark: Warren G. Harding in 1920, Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936 and Richard Nixon in 1972. Read More »

PLEDGE: Three Reasons to Never Eat Non-Organic Corn

Say No To Monsanto (

Bt-corn is a type of genetically modified organism, termed GMO. This modified corn amplifies a toxin produced by the Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) bacterium, which ruptures the intestines of insects that feed on the GMO corn when ingested. The pests typically die quickly after ingesting the toxin.
Genetically engineered Bt corn crops have been banned in many countries because of the documented harm they cause to people, animals, and insects. Bt corn lacks a meaningful inquiry into its effect on human health and negative environmental impact.

In addition to taking the pledge, please send your comments to the USDA:

Three Reasons to Never Eat Non-Organic Corn  Read more…

Liberty Unbridled w/ Ken Moellman

Kentucky Libertarian Ken Moellman discusses the strange election rules in the Commonwealth.

Voter Referendums and Alcohol Tobacco Ban Votes are required, by the Ky Constitution, to be held separate from general elections.

Does this drive up the cost of citizen referendums?

Alcohol Ban fact.

In Kentucky “Dry” counties bordering “Wet” counties have dramatically higher DUI arrest rates. “Moist” counties have below average DUI arrest rates. Does this mean that when given the legal choice adults are actually responsible enough to make an adult decision.

What do you do if you live in a “Dry” county and want to drink a beer with your pizza?

Let Ken know: Join our forums

Liberty Unbridled w_ Ken Moellman – 15

Whitley County Sheriff brought to justice local reporters

Former Sheriff Lawrence Hodge sentenced in Extortion and Bribery conviction

Once again the pain of Meth and Oxycodone break apart the bedrock of small town America and rural Kentucky. Whitley County is a beautiful area full of history, Cumberland Falls and the birthplace of KFC. It is a shame that the people they elected to protect them turned into a brute thug, drug addict and illegal gun dealer. Thanks to two great young reporters, good research and Open Records laws the Sheriff was unable to cover up his illegal flow of cash and drugs supposedly stored in his evidence locker. 60 Minutes did a great cover of this impressive story.

Congratulations to Adam.


During the Christmas season a little thing went by unnoticed by most. i was the one who outed the story and continued it throughout the case. The story? Whistleblower Eric Garrett is vindicated.
How so? The City, we the taxpayer, just paid Garrett $315,000 for a settlement to end the case in late December.

This really was a no brainer and you can follow the case yourself through this link. The disturbing part of all this is the fact that nothing has been done to Betty Younis or Ted Pullen, the Director of Public Works. In fact I can find no mention of even something as simple as a disciplinary letter to both for their poor handling of this case.

This case was preventable by applying the simplest rules of dealing with employees, yet Younis decided to make this a personal grudge match against an upstanding employee such as Garrett. Why did she choose to do this?

Perhaps because in January 2010, Garrett complained about management’s treatment of another maintenance worker still under probation, who was Betty Younis’ assistant’s son, whom Younis hired. This worker was allowed more rope than anyone could imagine.

Management was informed of such conduct that included disabling his portable radio so that he could slip away from work early, riding his girlfriend around downtown in Metro vehicles which he did not have to sign out for his own use, releasing tear gas on other workers, reporting an imaginary boa constrictor in the Hall of Justice parking garage (Younis hired an exterminator to investigate and set traps and paid overtime for Metro workers thus costing the taxpayers unnecessary money), as well as threatening violence against Eric Garrett himself (signed statements by two maintenance workers reporting this threat were provided to Betty Younis).

It really is no surprise when you look at the history of Younis and her boss Ted Pullen.

All the players involved have baggage and ties to the former Mayor Jerry Abramson machine and his political appointees and that folks is/was the problem.

Let’s look at those involved. Read more…

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