BREAKING: U of L’s Chane Behanan suspended

Louisville, KY – Breaking: U of L’s Chane Behanan has been suspended from U of L for violating University policy. What exactly does that mean?

It is not uncommon for a coach to make the decision to suspend a player, or remove them from the team, but rarely does the University take the credit for it so what exactly are they trying to hide?

According to unnamed sources, rumor has it that Behanan was caught on camera violating drug policy by smoking a blunt and also having sex with underage students at Butler High School. On camera is key here folks. If that is the case then their is evidence that should be presented to law enforcement authorities for an investigation.

If this holds true Behanan may have more to worry about than a simple basketball suspension.

Stay tuned as more develops.

In other news, it seems the liberal media just can’t get enough of continuing their quest to report much ado about nothing. Apparently the CJ’s James Bruggers  thinks it’s a big deal because U.S. Sen. Rand Paul decided to deflect questions about the almost $3 Billion dollar pork project that U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell got in return for agreeing to the Senate shutdown deal that will affect the Ohio River Dam construction project.

Um guys?

Paul voted against the deal.

How did the Senate vote?

Check here.

Speaking of lamestream media….

Here is an excellent article from Eric Bolling. He points out the obvious as transcripted below:

You find yourself face to face with the President of the United States: The Government is closed; we’re on the verge of economic catastrophe, and you have 5 minutes and a chance to ask the President whatever you want… C’mon reach back… Clocks ticking, Games on the line, Go deep…
For Diana Williams of ABC News…The moment went like this:

“My daughter asked me to ask you, what is the coolest thing about being President?”

Tommy Christopher. Tommy blogs for Mediaite,  “Is there a chance the President would be willing to delay ObamaCare for a year if Republicans would agree to delay heart attacks for a year?”

Why not ask him how he can claim to have “Cut the deficit in half” when he only really cut *HIS* own deficit in half… The same deficit he himself first quadrupled over his predecessors?  Why not ask the President where are all the drops in insurance premiums he promised once ObamaCare arrived? And, by the way sir, how the hell did you spend $634 million of our tax dollars on a web site that can’t even stay up and running… And you had four years to prepare for?

Where are those questions? Too tough…What’s wrong, don’t want to hurt your crush’s feelings?

We agree sir, we agree.