Are police becoming too aggressive?

Louisville, KY – Are police becoming too aggressive? Thanks to the case of Botany Bay in Lexington many are beginning to ask that question in Kentucky.

Lexington police were ordered for a second time to return confiscated inventory from a local small Lexington business, Botany Bay. Police video of the raid clearly depicts officers destroying a substantial amount of Botany Bay’s property. Additionally, after the initial raid last August Lexington police misinformed the media and said they found illegal drugs during the search causing harm to the reputation of the business itself.

Additionally, police seized property that was not on the search warrant. It will be interesting if individual officers will be held accountable for violating the warrant itself.

We will keep you informed of how this works out going forward. Stay tuned.

Lexington police are not the only ones who seem to be overly aggressive these days. Stay tuned for a case that involves Ed Springston and the LMPD. There most certainly will be an attempt to hold the individual officer accountable in court.

Mainstream media continues with their one-sided attempt at gun control by focusing on the latest shooting out of Arizona. Interestingly enough they are not spending much time on the tragic shooting in crime riddled Chicago, Obama’s hometown, and where Obama’s former right hand man Rahm Emmanuel is Mayor, involving 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton who had performed at an Obama inaugural event recently.

Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in America and one of the worst crime rates. Does gun control work? Chicago keeps reminding us that no indeed it does not.

In other news where are the preservationists at? It appears that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel does not care about historic property.

According to the Washington Times, Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood boasts of having Ronald Reagan’s boyhood home which is now at risk of being destroyed to make room for a parking lot. The plan all stems from the University of Chicago Medical Center announcing plans to turn Reagan’s Chicago home into a parking lot.

Though Reagan’s home was granted a last-minute stay of execution by the City of Chicago this month, the stay is a temporary one. The problem?

While the university is planning to kill Reagan’s home, University of Chicago is also aggressively lobbying to be the site of President Barack Obama’s presidential library. Think there isn’t pressure from the White House and Obama to do this?

First Lady Michelle Obama and the president’s close advisor Valerie Jarrett are former top executives of the University of Chicago Medical Center. President Obama was a lecturer at the law school for twelve years. And let’s not forget, Obama’s Hyde Park home is here too.

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