Alison Lundergan Grimes, Barbara Shanklin, and more

Louisville, KY – On Monday Alison Lundergan Grimes announced she would be running against Mitch McConnell for US Senate. In what can only be described as one of the wort national campaign roll outs ever, no one was surprised and no one knows what she was promised in return.

Facing a primary challenge most think is no challenge at all, assuming Grimes will win because of the insider machine and name recognition from her dad, one has to ask why at just 34 years old she would face this challenge with no experience whatsoever.

Yep we know she will be compared by Democrats to Senator Rand Paul who wiped the floor with Jack Conway in his first national election. The pundits will say he had no experience either but that is presumptuous as well considering Rand Paul was raised by Representative Ron Paul and daily national politics and issues were a way of life from the inside out not the way Grimes is because her dad is connected but not elected.

The trade-off in many opinions is that Grimes was promised State office in return for taking the loss now. If proven true it is one more sign that we the people don’t matter only the party politics. Stay tuned this will be interesting going forward.

Speaking of party politics, everyone knows about the Barbara Shanklin case going forward with a Council hearing to remove her. While the evidence clearly suggests there was criminality on Shanklin’s part, as usual there will be no criminal charges.

The Democratic machine at work. I have said from the beginning that Shanklin has done the same thing that the late Judy Green was accused of, and subsequently removed from office based on charges from Ray Barker and myself, but she will not face criminal charges and perhaps not be removed from office because she is connected better than Green was.

We will see but it is interesting to see the statements by Linda Haywoood that state:

In her statement, Haywood said she asked Shanklin for advances when she didn’t have money to buy Christmas presents for her grandchildren or when her upholstery class paychecks were late.

Barbara would write me a check for three or four hundred dollars,” Haywood told Sgts. Glass and Rick Polin. “I never looked to see where the check was coming from. I paid her back in cash, most of the time.”

Haywood told police that after questions surfaced about the program, Shanklin confronted her and insisted that Haywood had always reimbursed Shanklin for the loans by check.

And there are no receipts proving tha that cash was deposited to reimburse funds to the neighborhood. that alone is a criminal charge waiting to be made and yet money laundering apparently is not a concern to our legal system led by the Democratic machine in Louisville.

We are all too familiar with this scenario and we will be watching the conclusion of this case going forward.

One of the biggest stories this week has focused on the George Zimmerman trial regarding the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

While the msm has been busy trying to paint a picture of Trayvon as an altar boy honor student who was stalked, and killed because he was black by a ‘white hispanic’ as the msm stated Zimmerman was, nothing could be further from the truth.

A self-described gangsta who had a gun, a drug problem, and an MMA background blows apart the racism this case generated as usual. Led once again by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson this case became all about race and it still divides everyone accordingly. Never mind the facts.

Read here for more on the real Trayvon. With an open mind anyone can see this was a disaster waiting to happen.