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We focus not only on the latest issues of the day in Louisville but in the Nation at large.

We do not simply read a prepared script and call it news like others do.

We blend fact and opinion creating an avenue that promotes discussion.

We are an organization that gets involved and has a positive effect in our community.

Our audience is a diverse one. Men and women, young and old, tune in to our radio shows or read our stories.

Very few outlets appeal to as broad a base as we do.

Who is Louisville news

Louisville News was started in 2008 by former candidate for Louisville Metro Mayor in Kentucky, Ed Springston.

What began as a one man crusade to bring local issues to light has become a well informed and recognized media outlet that transcends local and mainstream media. Louisville News delves into all the tough stories no one will cover whether in Louisville, Kentucky, the USA, or the world at large.

Realizing that the media in general today rely on the easy ‘fluff’ stories rather than factual reporting, opting instead to focus on a soundbyte or prepared script, Springston found that most people he spoke with were looking for someone to tell them the truth and do definitive investigative reports.

They wanted someone that was not afraid to tell the truth for fear of backlash from the powerful media or political elite.

While traditional media focuses on the fluff Springston decided to do real investigations into stories and events that affect our daily lives and report his findings accordingly. By design Louisville News is an effort to get communities involved in making a difference in their daily lives.

Talk shows and opinion oriented media is the fastest growing segment of media today. As such the Louisville News organization has grown to reach an audience in the thousands each and every month.

Louisville News and MVM Radio are now a must read, and/or listen to, media outlet for thousands of followers not only in Louisville, Kentucky, but throughout the USA as well.

What others are saying

Kentuckiana Crime Stoppers is a proud Supporter of the My View Matters radio show and Ed Springston.

“Ed has been a huge supporter of Kentuckiana Crime Stoppers for many years.
His passion to bring the truth out in this community is greatly appreciated.”   

Kelly Fentress
Board President

“Ed Springston is the greatest advertising professional ever!”

Lora Ramsey
Owner- Huntsman Autoglass

A sampling of our successes

Louisville News founder Ed Springston filed the charges and led the fight to hold local Metro Council President Jim King accountable for election finance malfeasance that resulted in the highest fine in Kentucky history through the Kentucky Registration of Election Finance.

Ed Springston also led the way in charges against Louisville Metro Councilperson Judy Green that led to her impeachment.

During the most recent government shutdown debacle, NBC news in New York sent a crew to Louisville to interview Springston for their story relating to the issue.

Louisville news has been featured on multiple national radio shows including Clear Channel affiliates number one morning radio show on KHOW-AM in Denver, Colorado.

Springston has been quoted in every major mainstream media outlet in Louisville including the Courier Journal, all TV news outlets, WFPL, and beyond.

Louisville News has led the way and has been quoted nationally for their efforts in stories regarding MSD, the Louisville Water Co. and more.

MVM Radio has been very successful in booking guests such as current Senator Rand Paul among others.

Louisville News has become a premier media source within Louisville and across the nation. Louisville News is now one of the recognized leaders in news reporting.

Advertising with Louisville News makes sense in today’s digital world.

Give us a call at (502)742-8519 or write to us at myviewmatters@aol.com or louisvillepolitics@gmail.com for more info.

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